Special Events

Throughout the year Alexandria Bay is the host to many special events. Let Uncle Sam Boat Tours help you enjoy these events aboard one of our tour boats.

Fireworks Tour

Every Fourth of July is celebrated in Alexandria Bay with a spectacular fireworks display from Boldt Castle on Heart Island. Learn More…

Bill Johnston’s Pirate Days

Alexandria Bay is host to PIRATE DAYS for ten days in mid-August every year. This event celebrates an episode of river folk lore centered around Pirate Bill Johnston, who during the Patriot Wars (1837) helped burn the invading British vessel ‘Sir Robert Peel’. Johnston and his men then hid out in a cave on Devil’s Oven island in an effort to escape capture and sentencing by the British in retaliation for his act of piracy. Learn More…

Blues In The Bay

Labor Day weekend in Alexandria Bay means BLUES and Blues is KING from Thursday through Monday with bands featured at area restaurants and bars. Learn More