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Enjoy a day in the Thousand Islands

The Thousands Islands have everything you need for the perfect summer vacation – luxurious hotels, world-class restaurants, and endless attractions. The greatest attraction of all though is the St. Lawrence River itself. With a fascinating history and breathtaking natural scenery, the river is the focal point of the best the region has to offer. From lush islands to historic castles, your best Thousand Island days can be found as you cruise along the river on a boat tour! Maximize your fun in the Thousand Islands with these six St. Lawrence River cruise themes:

1. Eat

Alexandria Belle at sunset in the Thousand Islands

The only thing better than a meal and a show is a meal and a St. Lawrence River boat cruise! Enjoy a mid-day buffet on a luncheon cruise, or start with cocktails before enjoying a delicious dinner buffet featuring a prime rib carving station, to-die-for ravioli, and regional specialties like Chicken Riggies. Finish the night with a mouth-watering dessert while you watch the spectacular thousand Islands sunset from the top deck of a triple-deck tour boat.




2. Drink


The Thousand Islands are home to a wide variety of local craft breweries and wineries. Maximize your visit by sampling a few brews while you cruise down the river. Beer and wine cruises are a popular way to explore the St. Lawrence River. Bring a group of friends, or make it a special day with a special someone. It’s also a great way to celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette party!

3. Gawk

uncle sam's boat tours alexandria bay

Passengers aboard Uncle Sam Boat Tours waving at passing freighter

uncle sam boat tours alexandria bay ny

Boldt Castle









There are an abundance of jaw-dropping millionaire mansions, and even castles, in the Thousand Islands. For over a century, wealthy families have flooded to the region to enjoy relaxing summer vacations in the beautiful houses along what is commonly known as Millionaire’s Row. Scattered along the riverbank and on private islands dotting the horizon, the mix of modern-day and historic mansions are as captivating as the natural landscapes surrounding them. Catch glimpses of their opulence, and learn their unique stories on a special cruise of Millionaire’s Row. You can even spend a day feeling like a princess as you explore the castles and their immaculate grounds!

4. Ooo and Ahh

There’s no better place to watch a firework display than aboard a boat on the St. Lawrence River. Celebrate July 4th with family, friends, a boat full of adult beverages, and the most spectacular setting for a firework display you could imagine. You’ll enjoy double the show as you watch the lights exploding in mid-air and reflecting in the dark blue water below as you float along.

Fireworks over Boldt Castle


5. Explore

uncle sam's boat tours alexandria bay

Alexandria Belle prepped for Private Charter

Set off on your own adventure in a chartered boat. Celebrate a special occasion like a birthday party, retirement celebration, wedding reception or romantic proposal  on a double or triple deck boat. Craft an experience entirely your own, opt for a pre-packaged personal voyage, or hire a boat to shuttle you to one of the region’s most popular destinations, like Singer Castle.

uncle sam's boat tours alexandria bay

Singer Castle

uncle sam boat tours alexandria bay ny

Wedding reception with Uncle Sam Boat Tours


6. Stay

Enjoy a little bit of everything when you make your trip to the Thousand Islands an overnight excursion. Book an Escape package at Capt. Thomson’s Resort and enjoy an all-inclusive experience. Dine at Riley’s by the River for a complimentary dinner, drink, and two breakfasts, all accompanied by a beautiful view. Then, climb aboard a Two Nation Tour by Uncle Sam Boat Tours of Alexandria Bay. Conclude the trip with a visit to the romantic Boldt Castle on Heart Island, or choose add on experiences like a trip to Singer Castle, or an extra dinner at Riley’s by the River. To remember your stay, pick up a souvenir at American Arrow’s Trading Company Gift Shop before you go.

uncle sam's boat tours alexandria bay

Ariel view of Capt. Thomson’s Resort in Alexandria Bay, NY










While there’s a lot to enjoy in the Thousand Islands, a trip to the region wouldn’t be complete without spending a day cruising along the St. Lawrence River. And, while any river experience is bound to be fun, hitting the water with a skilled, knowledgeable guide will make your tour even better. The guides at Uncle Sam Boat Tours offer more than just incredible sights and a smooth ride, they offer the extra touches that take a good day and make it unforgettable. Explore their full suite of specialty cruises before you head to the Thousand Islands and book your ride ahead of time!

uncle sam boat tours alexandria bay ny

Fleet of Uncle Sam Boat Tours vessels in front of Boldt Castle

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