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Boldt Castle's Official 2020 Hours of Operation

Boldt Castle on Heart Island with Uncle Sam Tour Boat passing by

The Alexandria Belle seen here passing in front of Heart Island and magnificent Boldt Castle.

All of Uncle Sam Boat Tours daily cruises stop at Boldt Castle, with a few exceptions due to the Castle schedule. Tickets may be purchased at our ticket booths or at Heart Island for the same rate for your convenience. For the convenience of our customers here are the official admission cost and hours of operation at Boldt Castle for 2020.


Please note that the Uncle Sam Boat Tours shuttle will not bring new visitors to Heart Island 1.5 hours before Boldt Castle’s stated closing time.

Click here for more information about shuttle service too and from Boldt Castle
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Boldt Castle Rates:

These rates are in addition to all Uncle Sam Cruise Rates. Tickets for Boldt Castle can be purchased at the Uncle Sam Boat Tours Ticket Booth or at Heart Island for the same rate.

Adult – $10.00 (13+ years) Child – $7.00 (5-12 years) Infant – $0.00 (4 years and under) US Funds

Boldt Castle offers no discounts for military or seniors.

No Pets are allowed on Heart Island or the Boldt Yacht House with the exception of registered service animals.

Boldt Castle Hours of Operation:

2020 Hours of Operation

    Currently Boldt Castle is working towards preparing to open the facilities as soon as the restrictions that have been put in place by Governor Cuomo and President Trump have been relaxed or lifted to a point when we are able to operate. Though the Boldt Facilities may not be fully operational due to our limited staff, we will do our best to make the Boldt Facilities a memorable experience for all who visit. We understand how important the economic impact of Boldt Castle is to the Thousand Islands region and we are very eager to open as soon as possible.